Self-medicating symptoms of depression, chronic pain or another issue opens people up to the danger of overdose. Get help today with this dangerous issue before you lose your life or health to crippling drug use. Self-Medication and Substance Abuse Some researchers note that patients with mental health issues or chronic physical symptoms will manage their […]

No one wants chronic pain to destroy a successful addiction recovery. When someone with a past addiction needs pain management, there are several protocols that can help. Do not assume that your only method of pain treatment is through an addictive drug that can compromise your sobriety. Addiction Treatment and Pain Individuals with a substance […]

Achieving sobriety during addiction recovery is extremely commendable as working through the obstacles of treatment can be challenging and even more frightening than the addiction itself. After all of the hard work has been put in to get through the struggles, a recovering painkiller user is faced with the challenge of beginning a renewed life […]

A serious head injury can lead to any number of medical issues, including chronic pain that may require an opioid such as hydrocodone or oxycodone. These drugs effectively reduce pain, but  they are also highly addictive. How Opioids Work Opioid painkillers are similar to heroin and are just as addictive. Doctors know this and consider […]

A foundation of physical and mental healthcare is the careful and accurate diagnosis of the issues an individual is experiencing. This requires the following components that are often hard to come by in today’s health care environment: Completely honest and unbiased information from the patient Adequate time spent with each patient to fully explore their […]

Your doctor prescribed you painkillers assuming the best, that you won’t abuse them. As long as you use your prescription painkillers responsibly you won’t develop a problem. If you begin abusing your painkillers, taking them in higher doses or more frequently than prescribed, you could easily end up addicted or overdosing on painkillers. Pay attention […]

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a shocking and traumatic event. Even when the prognosis is positive, the thought of facing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and other treatments may cause anxiety. Oncologists often have staff members who are trained specifically to help patients process the diagnosis, but the grief and stress may still be overwhelming. […]

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that most commonly affects women aged 20 – 50. Patients experience pain throughout their muscles and soft-tissue, and they also experience symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. The cause of this condition is not known, but is expected to be related to how the brain processes pain signals. Treatment varies, but […]

Painkiller abuse is widespread. Many people rely on painkillers to relieve pain or chronic conditions. Anyone who takes a drug other than directed is said to be engaging in drug abuse, and this can be for medical or recreational purposes. When a person with a painkiller prescription takes too much of the drug, takes it […]

Prescription drug addiction is a real risk whenever an injury is treated. Head injuries present several risks for long-term dependency and both physical and psychological addiction. Concussion and Mild Brain Trauma Much has been discovered in recent years about the many effects trauma can have on the brain. These head injuries are caused by a […]