Prescription drug addiction can devastate the life and health of a user and her family. You may know how addiction can devastate your personal relationships, your ability to hold down a job and any sense of stability. However, what you may not know is how addiction affects the liver. The dangers of drug addiction include […]

Self-medicating symptoms of depression, chronic pain or another issue opens people up to the danger of overdose. Get help today with this dangerous issue before you lose your life or health to crippling drug use. Self-Medication and Substance Abuse Some researchers note that patients with mental health issues or chronic physical symptoms will manage their […]

There is an idea that the drugs and quantities of drugs that doctors prescribe to use are completely safe and cannot lead to addiction or overdose. However even with strict efforts to provide you with the exact pain management drug dosage you need, your doctor may inadvertently provide you with enough medication to kick start […]

Prescription drug abuse continues to pose a significant health risk to Americans. As a person develops a tolerance to certain drugs, he or she may take more than prescribed and run a serious risk of overdose. Elderly patients or others who might lose track of their dosing schedule are also at risk for developing prescription […]