What Types of Holistic Therapy Are Available in Rehab?

What Types of Holistic Therapy Are Available in Rehab?There is a lot of hype about holistic therapy and holistic rehab programs. Before choosing a particular rehab program or treatment option, recovering addicts should learn all they can about the different options they have available to them.

The aim of holistic therapy and holistic rehab programs is to heal the entire individual: mind, body and spirit. While some professionals do not believe holistic treatment is necessary for addiction and substance abuse, many recovering addicts have benefited from these types of therapies.

Addiction is a complex illness that affects one’s mind, body and spirit. Utilizing holistic therapy and other holistic treatment options will improve all areas of health, which can help individuals maintain their recovery for the long haul.

Holistic Therapy Options for Recovering Addicts

A holistic rehab program will offer therapy programs to treat the mind, body and spirit. This means that therapy can involve things like medication or yoga to aid with spiritual health, counseling and group therapy to improve psychological health, and exercise sessions or physical therapy to strengthen one’s physical health. Traditional rehab options will still be used such as detox and talk therapy, but there may be nutritionists on-hand to offer organic or healthy meals, physical exercises and activities, adventure therapy, creative art and expressive therapies, non-medicinal treatment such as chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and much more.

Holistic therapy options in a rehab program mean the facility and staff are dedicated to providing a multidimensional approach to treatment. By receiving treatment for the “whole self,” individuals can achieve optimal health in all areas. Overcoming addiction is tough, and it requires a strong body, spirit and mind. Preparing individuals for the long recovery journey is the goal of holistic therapies and rehab programs. Individuals are encouraged to not simply “quit” an addiction, but also improve their lives so that addiction and other self-destructive habits do not return.

Learn More About Holistic Therapy and Other Treatment Options Available in Rehab

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